Personalized Boxed Roses


Maua Blossoms Boxed Roses are lovingly arranged in floral oasis and placed in a hat box.

We may some fillers and greenery. You can mix different colour roses in multiples of 10 roses.

Did you know?

  • Orange Roses = Enthusiasm, Passion, Desire
  • Red Roses = Love, Romance
  • Yellow Roses = Friendship, Joy, Good Health
  • White Roses = Marriage, Purity, Innocence, New Beginnings
  • Light Pink Roses = Grace, Gentleness, Happiness
  • Lavender Roses = Enchantment, Majesty, Opulence
  • Dark Pink Roses = Love, Gratitude, Appreciation
  • Cream Roses = Charm, Thoughtfulness, Gracefulness
  • Peach Roses = Modesty, Genuineness, Sincerity

Please note that we require at least once business day before delivery to personalise Bloom Boxes.

Please note that only non-perishables can be ordered for destinations further than 40km of our business address. To find out more, visit our FAQ page.

From R187.50/pm for 6 months.
Interest-free. | Deposit: 25%

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