Fresh Flowers To Your Doorstep

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,’ penned William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. And through the ages, many poets and authors have written about flowers and artists captured their beauty on canvas. There’s no denying the fascination their beauty has for humans.

Imagine it’s your birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or one of those ‘just because’ celebrations and your doorbell rings? You open the door to find a delivery of a freshly arranged bouquet of flowers in a special keepsake box for you. It would be impossible not to have a good day after that!

This is the service that Maua Blossoms is bringing to clients – beautiful fresh flowers, creatively arranged and delivered from market to their homes. And with Christmas around the corner, this would be an ideal gift for a special person. It is also possible to order gift hampers where other goodies accompany the flowers.

The Maua Blossoms website says, ‘Special occasions are always marked with flowers, but you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to spoil someone with flowers, Maua Blossoms make any occasion special. Brighten someone’s day for no special reason…Just Because. You can choose either our stunning fresh-cut hand-tied bouquets of flowers in gift boxes, designed to dazzle and take your breath away.’

The flowers are guaranteed fresh for at least seven days and are usually delivered the day after receipt of the order. Currently Maua Blossoms operates in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg but is aiming to extend its reach in the near future.

Maua Blossoms offers their products in two attractive and well-priced forms:

  • Maua Blossom Boxes – the flowers are presented in a variety of attractive keepsake gift boxes for the ultimate gift presentation, ‘so that even after your flowers have become potpourri you are left with a beautiful and luxurious gift box that you can use to store reminders of that special moment.’

The boxed flowers are all delivered with a vase included so, for repeat orders, the client can order a bouquet to put in the same vase. A loyalty discount voucher system encourages repeat business and the bouquets are so fresh and of such high quality that customers will be keen to take advantage of this offer.

  • Maua Blossom Bouquets are the second option available and are equally attractive. The beautiful bouquets are made up of exquisitely scented flowers, herbs and greenery. Seasonal flowers, fresh from market, are used for Maua Blossom Bouquets and they are all custom-designed arrangements.

The owner of Maua Blossoms is a convention organiser and, in recognising how essential flowers are to the atmosphere of any function, she wanted to bring that same special touch into people’s homes.

‘You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate with flowers,’ she says.’ The flowers will make an ordinary day one to celebrate.’ If one considers how a bright vase of flowers enhances any home, one can only agree with her! This is one main reason she was inspired to launch Maua Blossoms and it’s interesting that, while the custom of giving flowers is common to many cultures, it is different in different countries. Below are some interesting facts related to the giving of flowers in different cultures:


  • Gifting flowers to teachers is the most popular gift in China.
  • Peonies are the most popular flowers among Chinese people, especially for weddings.
  • Potted plants are not appreciated as gifts in Asia as a plant symbolises that your relationship is restricted or bound up in a negative way.
  • Russians gift flowers in odd numbers for occasions of joy. Yellow flowers signify sympathy. This rule does not apply to mixed flower bouquets and arrangements.


  • Early Roman brides carried flowers, which they believed would ward off evil spirits and ensure fertility.
  • A Dutch saying goes, ‘food feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul.’
  • In England, guests bring flowers when invited to visit but not white lilies as these signify death.
  • Red roses are reserved for romantic gift giving in England.
  • In American, flowers are popular Christmas gifts.


  • Flowers are popular gifts in South Africa.
  • In Egypt, flower giving is confined to funerals and weddings.


  • The exchange of flower gifts at Christmas resembles that of Americans.[i]

So, not only in South Africa, but around the world, flowers are a special way of spoiling someone and Maua Blossoms is making it possible to do the spoiling in a different and unique way.

‘Lovingly arranged blooms…perfect for any occasion.’ This is Maua Blossom’s company slogan – give them the opportunity to add something special to your gift or occasion through their efficient online service. You can order your creative, affordable Christmas gifts ahead of time and don’t forget that you get a discount voucher every time you place an order.

For more information and photos of their products, go to the Maua Blossoms website or visit their Facebook page

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